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A tuxedo is an attire which can be donned handsomely on numerous occasions. if fitted correctly, it can turn out to be nothing less than a true soul mate. With the ongoing trend of remixing the wardrobes, tuxedos have once again gained ceiling popularity in 2013. The major characteristic of an original tuxedo is its form fitting design and the precision maintained while making it. Tuxedos are widely preferred by men all over the world, be it and social gathering, a business meeting or even award ceremonies. It is a very well accepted fact that tuxedos make a man look supremely elegant and brings out the conspicuous being in a person. The chief difference between a regular suit and a tuxedo is that the tuxedo comes with a satin lapel and a matching satin stripe alongside the outside of trousers.

When it comes to making and manufacturing of tuxedos, one name steals the limelight, which is, Ravens International. It has to be ungrudgingly accepted that people working at Ravens International work to their optimum best to create graceful and chic tuxedos that bring out the best in any person, be it a man or a woman. At Ravens International, both genders are catered evenhandedly. The most important feature, rather quality of tuxedos is their versatility. They can be worn both at a day or night function and at plentiful occasions. Tuxedos are a gorgeous outfit that any person has to have in their wardrobes.

With the fashion changing at lightning speed, there are quite a number of styles and designs of tuxedos that have evolved as well, over the years. Before buying a tuxedo, one needs to ensure of the proper cut, fit and design that has to be accomplished. A Stylish tuxedo speaks a million words about a man; just by the way it has been carried and made. At Ravens International, such insurance is granted without fail at everything that is made and ordered. The choices offered are huge and every tuxedo is iconic in itself. A wide range of sheer fabrics, up to the minute designs and notice to the minutest of details makes this Hong Kong based company a first preference for the clients all over the world.

Though operating at Hong Kong, Ravens International will not let down when it comes to delivering tuxedos at any part of the world. With commendable services and the finest of dressings, this company makes the product worth every penny of it. Tuxedos have evolved from the general and original picture of a black and white suit and evolved to numerous colors and designs. The exactitude with which they are crafted at Ravens International, however adds new dimensions to even the simplest of tuxedos.

Dissemblance between a Tuxedo and suit

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The first and the foremost difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin lapels.

The satin is present in every tuxedo whether it be placed on the lapels, pocket trims, buttons or the downside of the trousers. Contradictory to that a suit does not have any satin kind of thing and usually the buttons are made up of some metal, plastic cover with the same material as that of the suit.

A suit generally has two or three buttons and more or less similar designed lapel whereas traditional tuxedo used to have just one button with differently designed lapels but now a days tuxedo stitched are having two buttons with an ordinary lapel.

Now for the accessories part, a tuxedo is worn over a ruffled shirt with a vest or a cummerbund. You can wear a bow-tie to look graceful, While a suit is worn over a shirt with a long tie alone or with a matching vest.

A suit is generally worn for a formal instance or a meeting as you might consider yourself graceful dressed up and draped up, however if you are planning to attend a wedding or any other ceremony, Tuxedo plays a great role in enhancing your appeal.It will surely compliment your wife altogether.

You can look fine in a dark suit, but a Tuxedo done correctly will make you look yet more dashing. If you decide to rent, keep it classy with the black bow tie and cummerbund.

One thing that is just the million dollar hit to all of your thoughts is the FIT.

The fit will make all the difference for a tuxedo and the suit. Whether you’re finding a suit or wearing a tux, you want to make sure that it fits the best.

Why Custom Tailored Clothing?

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Q. Why custom Tailored clothing?

First let me clarify the picture to all those who are reading the word “custom tailored clothing” for the first time or to those who have heard it somewhere or the other but do not know its significance altogether.

Custom Tailored or designed is the clothing which is made exactly to one’s body, posture and the shape. The bespoke clothing is never created with the use of any pre-designed or pre-existing pattern, instead of that the garment of such interest are always made from scratch.

Q. Why would I go for custom tailored clothing when I have ready-made ones available in the showroom? Why would I waste my time in getting designed such king of garments?

I am sure that’s the first question that is arising in your mind while reading the first few lines. Well the answer to such question is as simple as putting Ice cubes in your beer glass.

Well it’s a proven fact that everyone in this world is built differently. No two people in this world are alike and it’s always difficult to buy suits and shirts off the rack.

I mean how can ready-made suit that has been designed keeping in mind the average fit can fit exactly to every other person who tries or even buys it. We all have minute differences that can make the ready to wear garments difficult to fit.

Clearly with the ready-made one “the person tries to fit the suit” while in custom tailored clothing the “suit fits the person”.

Now to answer the “waste my time” obfuscation, would you consider some hours spent with not so great fit or would you consider a day or two spent with a perfect fit, that would give you a remarkable appeal and style?

Well 90% of you would go with the latter case, I am sure as it always had been the matter of looks.

Q. Dude what differences are you talking about? Ready-made wear also comes in different sizes.

Well yes indeed! They come in different sizes. But they are for people with the average built in different sizes but what about the differences in posture, differences in left and the right arm, differences in way they sit and walk and never the least there can be differences in where people are more muscular than others in the same size category. Hence in these cases the minute differences can make a hell lot of difference in the garments fit and the feel.

Q. Hmm that’s alright but it all must be really pricey as compared to the off-the-peg ones. Is it?

It’s fully custom tailored with multiple fittings, fabrics of your choice, design of your choice, measured exactly according to your form and posture. It’s 101% hand-made and designed by the masters from scratch.

Choose fabrics from hundreds of styles and quality, button holes according to your wish, handpick stitching on the lapels of your suit, besom pockets and much more.

Your choices are only limited to your imagination. Paying a little bit more money for all this and more is not a bad deal. Or is it?

Q. Yes you are right, So how to find a good custom tailor for all this?

Once you decide to give custom tailored clothing a try, your biggest challenge lies in finding a tailor with mesmerizing reputation. For this you might consider visiting custom tailors and designers association. They will redirect you to some good and competent practitioners.

In addition to some internationally acclaimed tailors, you can also go for itinerant tailors based in different countries where this work is cheap and who make seasonal trips to many cities around the world to provide a truly personal ordering experience. These tailors can be a great alternative to other European or American tailors.

Thanks Mate, now I really look forward to have my custom suit designed as early as possible. I want to look really perfect.

Yes as I already said “It’s all about the looks now-a-days and it has always been”

Good –Luck!!!

Hong Kong- The Country of Nights and Lights

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Situated on the south coast of China and enclosed by the south china sea and the pearl river delta, Hong Kong is the most densely populated country in the world.

With a population of over seven million people, with ninety five percent being the societal chinese men & women, the country is more infamous for its natural fragrant harbors and the pricey skylines.

Being one of the leading financial centers of the world, Hong Kong serves itself as being a capitalist economy characterized by free trade and much low taxation policy.

Hong kong dollar serving as its currency is the eight most traded currency in the world.

A proven fact that hong kong has the highest international ranking in various aspects and indices, truly indicates that it is moving on the advancement track with its head up high.

Some of them being the highest per-capita income, longest life expectancy, human development index, financial competitiveness etc. and matter of fact is that all these are ranked high.

Geography and Climate-

Hong Kong is situated on the south coast of China and on the opposite side of the pearl river delta.It is surrounded by the the south china sea.It majorly is comprised of the hong Kong island and the Kowloon peninsula along with some new territories and follows to be the 179th largest populated country in the world.

Hong Kong’s terrain ranges from hilly to mountainous and only quarter of the country’s landmass is developed and majorly being under natural parks,jungles and natural reserves.

Located on the south of tropic of cancer, hong kong enjoys a sub-tropical climate. Summer being hot and humid with sudden thunder-storms and showers occasionally, springs are the most temperate season while autumn being dry and sunny. here the winter is mild and usually goes up till the month of February.


A true epitome of the saying “a place where the EAST meets with the WEST” and exhibiting the cultural mix of chinese and the British influence.
Hong Kong culture is a blend of modernized life as well as the traditional chinese practices.

Concepts like fend shui and vastu shastra are immensely practiced along with the myths like Ba gua mirrors to deflect evil spirits and the unlucky number 4 concept in still prevailing.

The EAST-WEST blend is characterized in the cuisines also where dim sum, hot pot and other fast food are equally loved by its people.

Hong Kong proudly calls itself an “Entertainment-Hub” which genre like martial arts and kung-fu have gained high level of popularity all around the globe.various martial art practitioners like Bruce lee, Jackie chan, Jet Li and others have gained a high and a notable respect in the international film industry.

Hong Kong features leisurely and cut-throat sport prospects regardless of its restricted land region. It sends its various delegates in games at international level such as the Olympics and the Asian games and as the matter of fact, it has hosted 2008 summer Olympics too.

Its rugged coastline offers many beaches and attracts various hikers and sky divers from all around the world.


Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan and is much sophisticated , with the multi-cultural blending of Europe and Asia. people are highly motivated, modern and highly educated.

Hong Kong people believes that time is money and a single minute lost is a step away from good fortune. 98% of the population here is Chinese known as Cantonese from the mainland China however people here don’t consider themselves as Chinese.

The multiplicity of men and women living in Hong Kong is over and above imagination. Despite the fact that all Chinese may perhaps look alike, the distinct Chinese dialects conform to distinct practices and customs, as well as the way of living.


Hong Kong people are greatly style-conscious and well dressed in any form.They are the people with utter modesty.

All types of clothes are worn by the people here following the latest trends majorly from Japan rather than looking to US or UK.

The business people prefer to wear the Bespoke suits, Tuxedos and well tailored suits designed by various custom tailors in hong kong.
business women like to wear conservative dresses like suit and skirts.


Almost 90% of population travels on the public transport, which is the highest percentage of such kind in the world.the reason being that its transportation facilities are highly developed.Payments in all the public transport are done by the octopus card, a stored value system introduced by the mass transit railway (MTR).

Hong Kong’s international Airport is one of the busiest airport in the world in terms of passengers and cargo shipping.

The bus service includes motor bus, double-decker bus, city bus which are owned by private operators or are franchised by them.

Some Helpful Tips to deal in Hong Kong

1.Always address people over there with their professional title and the family name.
2.Always greet a woman before a man, and the oldest in the family firts.
3.when handshaking to some person, do it less firm than the traditional western handshake.
4.Never point anyone with your index finger, rather use your palm wide open.
5.Do not drink your tea until your host takes its first sip.
6. If you are planning to open an office in Hong Kong, DO NOT Open without first consulting it from the feng-shui master.
7.Tea is the contemporary beverage of all occasions
8. Be sure to drink shark fin soup if it is offered, this shows a mark of appreciation.
9.Do not lay your chopsticks inside the meat bowl, instead place them on the table when you’ve finished eating.
10.Avoid giving Red and White flowers while greeting someone.they symbolizes negative sense.

Ravens International-Custom Tailors in Hong Kong

How to have the clothing tailor made in Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong has for ages been recognized as a fortification and mainstay of capitalism; a market that runs under laissez-faire policies and every little thing has a price tag. Whether if you have lost & displaced your baggage or you just want few new custom shirts or dress shirts, a pizazzy and flashy sports jacket or even a new bespoke suit to your very own wardrobe collection, you can easily get your clothes custom made in Hong Kong.

Step 1

Brain towards the street market. A lot of Hong Kong’s street markets also known as spots; to discover an reasonably priced but interesting memorabilia or a delightful and amazing treat. Tsim Sha Tsui is a major vacationer hub in downtown Hong Kong, with many outlets and dining establishments that appeal to tourists and ups the ante by offering shelves of outfits to look through and stalls with dressmakers and tailors in hong kong who can take up your dimensions and deliver you with new clothes. Tsim Sha Tsui often shortened as TST, is an metropolitan area in southern Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Step 2

Pay a visit to a well-known and proven tailor. Stores such as Ravens International has built their reputations on delivering prospects with the finest custom-made clothing. Customers can pick from an assortment of suits, including bespoke suits, tuxedos, and a variety of different dress shirt and custom shirt designs, working out on various materials and dyed fabric. Ravens International is a whole lot in demand from customers that the tailors have started an international mobile service to different cites all around the globe.

Step 3

Purchase online. You can have your clothes made in Hong Kong whilst you are staying at your home. Customers just have to measure themselves and add it into their orders or send it out in their best fitted suit or shirts. wait your work is just done and rest all the pain is now of your tailor in Hong kong. they’ll custom fit it and send it back to you in just no time.

Best Hong kong souvenirs

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Nobody would like to come back home empty-handed and be labeled as miser & Scrooge, primarily after departing one of the shopping richesse of the world. Fortunately, Hong Kong presents more that unattractive caps and T-Shirts for holidaymakers seeking to remember their time in the city. Here’s a look at some of the hand-picked Best Hong Kong souvenirs.

1. Tailored/Bespoke Suits
Hong Kong rates high as one of the best urban centers in the entire world to pick up and purchase a suit, Bespoke suit to be apt. The city’s tailors like Ravens International have earned this sort of reputation for high quality sowing that they now have started to go on tours to various cites all around the world to fit and suit-up their dedicated clients. Apart from the expert tailors, the price is also an attractive force and you can count on suits to be up to 30% more cost-effective than back in Blighty or in the Ny city. Turn around time is quite remarkable , and you can have a quality tailored suit in just a couple of days.

2. Tea
China, and Hong Kong’s favorite tipple continues to be keeping people rejuvenated and wholesome for more than thousand years. In Hong Kong’s tea houses you can come across a countless number of flavors, as well as hosts who will contentedly wander you through every single one. Bags of tea sell off for next to nothing and you can simply purchase the ideal flavor for the person who is on the very receiving end.

3. Chinese Clothing
One time the handyroom of the world, the workshop has moved to Gunagzhou, but, thankfully, the selling prices have stayed. For the Chinese design and style and fashion significantly in vogue, Hong Kong has a closet assortment of Chinese clothing and Chinese designed clothes. You can Try Shanghai Tang for these with a modern day perspective and at prices that suits-up any pocket.

4. Porcelain
Hong Kong is a great trader in the fine bone China porcelain market. Cut-throat prices and some of the finest items on the market place make bone china an excellent gift for friends and family members back home. Hong Kong delivers both the more costly vintage choice, as well as more realistic dining sets.here’s a market for this :- Cat Street Market, Cat Street, Sheung Wan MTR station, exit A2

5.Computers and Electronics

Hong Kong boasts a prolonged and well deserved reputation as a home to leading edge, more cost effective gadgets. Although the metropolis is not the bucket attic center it once was, PC equipment, computer gaming equipment and software are nevertheless competing. Derivative devices, based on ipods, phones, DVD players and several other multimedia devices are also fairly cheap, if less than trustworthy.


Tailors in hong kong

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Generally when folks converse about bespoke suits, Europe, primarily England, Italy and at times France are the very first to show up in discussion. Some might refer to the couple of bespoke tailors still left in the US and then finally, and lastly, Hong Kong is well known among a lot of vacationers & visitors for its “bespoke” suits. For some reason, the ex- Crown Colony been able to establish per se as a bespoke getaway.

While some people find it simply a myth, most of them appreciate the fact that it is a substantiated claim, and hence many of them get their tailored clothes from the very good tailors in hong kong.

The urban center – or better yet metropolis – is really intriguing! The blend of western culture and Chinese impacts particularly makes for a very exciting setting.

Talking about the bespoke (custom) tailoring in Hong Kong.There are a lot many tailors in Hong kong ranging from low price to mid range and to high priced ones.

Basically, if they be categorized, certainly they would rather go in to one of the two categories.On the one hand, there are many tailors in hong kong who acquire their potential customers on the avenue or streets and promote quick recovery times for little money.Some tailors in hong kong with a showroom in hotels also falls in this category.

On the other hand there is Ravens International- a quality custom tailor shop that definitely focuses on providing high quality to all of its potential customers no matter what budget they cast in to.

Established in the year 1988, Ravens International is striving in the International market with over 20 years of experience in crafting custom made clothes, bespoke suits, custom tuxedos, custom shirts and other custom clothing with great finesse and ease for both men and ladies with a style incorporating elements from american, British, japan and other well known countries.

The differentiating factor between Ravens International and the other bespoke tailors in Hong kong becomes quite obvious when seeking at their client acquisition. The custom tailor shop on Granville Circuit Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon is unimposing. You are unable to see any promotions or ads on the outside and passing holidaymakers are not stalked by a salesman who offers “legitimate custom made clothes”.

Once you step in, it almost feels like a different world out of the blue.
Every fabric is genuine & authentic and only the best fabrics from the best European weavers and mills are offered.

People appreciate the fact that Ravens International is an International mobile service for tailoring hence the appointments can surely be carried out in the comforts of their office or home or any other choice of their preference.

Making frequent visits to different cites all around the world in order to maintain high client satisfaction and to provide the truly personnel order experience is what makes it class apart.

In contrast to the level of bespoke artistry at Ravens International, many tailors in Hong kong merely take the client’s measurements and forward them to a large production center in mainland China, where a (semi)industrial suit is produced. Once it is done, it is sent back to Hong Kong, where only minor adjustments will be made.

At Ravens International, each client receives his individual paper pattern, the fabric is hand-crafted, the canvas is mostly hand-padded, the pick stitching is very neat and the horn buttons are of good quality. Apart from that, a Ravens International suit fulfills all the requirements of a true bespoke suit.


Choosing a right tuxedo that suits your body type

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Tuxedo is one garment that every guy should have for any kind of formal occasion.Be it the businessmen, a traveler, or any other person.

The paradox of a tuxedo is that it’s actually the one clothe that really should always look spotless, but it’s also the one outfit that is most probable to get filthy since it is typically put on for celebratory events.

The question here arises the should a Tuxedo  be slim? should it  be classic? or  should it be trendy? well the answer to all these question depends from a person to another.

however choosing a right tuxedo still is a very big dilemma is everyone’s mind. here are some good points that one should always keep in his mind before selecting and buying a right tuxedo for any of the specific occasion.

Step 1. Before you set off into the multitude and in some cases perplexing options presented at the retail outlet, make your mind up on a couple of design and style characteristics you’re hunting for in your Tuxedo.

If you happen to be of average size and construct, you are going to probably appear excellent in any sort of tuxedo, so determine if you want the timeless appearance of a solo-breasted jacket with a shawl collar or a ambigu-breasted jumper with a notched collar.

If you happen to be tall and skinny, a double-breasted jacket provides volume. But a double-breasted jacket can also conceal a thicker waistline.

If you’re sturdy as a result of the shoulders and waist, pick out a single-breasted jacket with a shawl collar. Shorter guys should decide for a jacket with a solitary button, whilst tall men really should select two buttons.

If you’re moderate, padded shoulders will be complementing, but if you’re muscle bound, steer clear of extra padding.

Step 2. Go to the retail outlet. Plan to invest a handful of hours to the endeavor of picking and purchasing the perfect tuxedo. Clarify to the product sales worker what you happen to be hunting for and ask to check out several suits. The maid of honor should measure you for the perfect fit.

Step 3. Try out every tuxedo on in front of the looking mirror. Put on the shoes you plan to dress in to the wedding ceremony. Does the tuxedo shapes in properly? Positioned straight, with your palms at your sides, the bottom part of the jacket need to be even with the tips of your fingers and just about one inch of your shirt cuffs ought to show. You should be able to shift comfortably in the jacket and pants.

Step 4. When you’ve discovered the best selection, inquire about tailoring. A realignment in some places can make a good fit great. Sleeves and trousers need to be hemmed to the accurate length. The trousers should be hemmed as long as attainable, tilted in the backside.

Step 5. Choose your accessories. Again, consider your body type.

The right accessories combined with the right tuxedo will insure that the bride isn’t the only one garnering approving looks on your big day.

Get a well designed custom Tuxedo at Ravens International-Finest custom tailors in Hong kong


Bespoke suits

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Bespoke is an English clothing industry term which in general means “to speak for some thing” while in specialized terms in means “To get designed what you speak for”.
Unlike Ready to wear clothes, Bespoke suits are drafted from scratch for each and every customer’s demand. His shape and size is the leading factor after all and hence Bespoke suits needs a high degree of customization from the end user’s side according to his need and comfort.
A real bespoke suit is intended to be hand stitched completely and not at all machine made.a full hovering canvass, basted fitting and some good and comprehensive hand finish, makes it an apparel that every human wants.
For all who are wondering about the bespoke suits here’s everything you wanna know.


More than 20 measurements and figurations details are taken from the customer for their very own bespoke suit. Then a personal pattern is hand drafted and cut from scratch.The pattern provided by the customer is used to cut and trim the cloth along with the finest linings and skills. After the cloth is cut it is lightly stitched with the jacket and trousers together into a shell of a suit, known as a “baste”. At the basted fitting the customer goes through an in-depth discussion and conversation with one of the bespoke tailors about the fit and how the bespoke suit can be tweaked to perfect its fit. Each custom made bespoke suit is then pulled apart and re-cut before being finally made up.
At this stage the paper pattern is also redesigned so that it can be used to accurately recreate the fit for customer’s future purchases.


Every bespoke suit needs support in the frontal part to hold a particular shape in them.A vinyl fusing is employed in most tailored suits, but it’s a blend of a horse hair canvass and linen that really helps to hold contour in the suit.A totally hand stitched bespoke suit has a full length canvass and is sewn with the jacket . The jacket this way fits on the body even though feeling more relaxed and comfortable. This is how a genuine bespoke suit is constructed.
The differentiating factor that makes a brand like Ravens International, perfect is that they are internationally acclaimed mobile service, so no matter where the customer resides they make out the appointments out in the comfort of the customers home ,office of any location of their choice.
The best thing about  a bespoke suit is that no matter it is some what costly than the ready to wear one yet it provides a person with the finest of the fit and highest degree of customization and comfort.

Contact RAVEN’S INTERNATIONAL to book an appointment for your very own bespoke suit.

Vogue trends in the clothing industry,Hong Kong

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21st century is in fact on the rise with the slogan “Don’t follow the trends people , start them”

Same thing goes on for the CLOTHING industry. As it says “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion owe you, instead you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress up and the way you live.”

China’s growth over the past few years as the leading apparel and fabric outsourcing industry could have never been such without the gargantuan role of Hong kong in the fashion and clothing industry.completely switching it from the manufacturer industry to an outsourcing one.

Hong Kong’s experience in servicing the international market, along with its East-West mindset, distinguishes it from other centres in the region, especially when it comes to the distribution of foreign brands.

This is the main reason that they have become the trend setters in the recent years as far as the clothing industry in concerned.

Some of the Up leading brands and rest others  helps greatly in changing the lifestyle of the majority according to their choice and their demand by CUSTOM MADE CLOTHES.

TAILORED CLOTHING is a vogue term in the fashion industry as it provides leverage to youth to design their very own clothing style according to their need and style.

There are some big brands in the industry where you can have CUSTOM MADE SUITS, CUSTOM MADE CLOTHES in a matter of hours .The international service they provide allows the customer to just book an appointment, no matter where he is, these tailors in hong kong will reach them with all the thing required.

BESPOKE SUITS AND SHIRTS are in big demand as the provide a different look altogether. Apart from FORMAL WEAR  and DESIGNER SHIRTS men can always go for TUXEDOS and DRESS SHIRTS.

As with the growing age, women is working equal with men and so hong kong  also has a great variety of FORMAL WEAR FOR WOMEN and BUSINESS SUITS.

Brands like RAVEN’S INTERNATIONAL have successfully stepped into this industry with a huge hit where people may chose to  add embellishments such as buttons, labels, pockets, linings and any other additions to complement your garment.


People now have started to wear more and more custom made clothes and other bespoke clothes as they give them a more fitted look. no loose or no tight-these are just perfect as no matter what kind of shape or size a person has, these kind of clothes fits them incomparably better.A great advice to people from Ravens International is that follow more and more CUSTOM MADE CLOTHES , it will immensely quench your thirst if you are bored with the same old style as ever.

A little bit extra cost improves the way they look. surely its a better deal now a days.