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A tailored suit is one of a kind & a versatile attaire that gives ‘HIM’ a style and ‘HER’ the elegance especially on any kind of formal or business ocassion.

However you could wear a well crafted tailored suit not only to work but on any event/ocassion that demands for a glam infused attaire.

The prerequisite of a tailored suit is the customer itself. The person for whom the suit has to be designed gives his/her size in an appointment. Accordingly the pattern of the suit is selected which is then fitted according to the customer’s original size and built.

Ravens International are in this service since 1988 and delivers the best quality tailored suit by fixing appointments at the comfort of customer’s choice. Be it the office, or his home or any other place of his choice.

The consultant will bring a wide selection of suit and shirt fabrics for you to select your cloth, cut and trims from.

Comprehensive measurements are further taken to ensure the garment is tailored to your exact specification. Every detail and decision is taken into account in order to create unique attire suited entirely to your persona.