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In the Recent times, tuxedos have received a surprising amount of praise and attention from some of the biggest trend-setters of men’s style and fashion anywhere. This is exactly the kind of attention and exposure that can rightly compel a new (and old) generation of potential tuxedo-wearers to dress up instead of down.
The irony of a tuxedo is that it’s the one garment that should always look pristine, but it’s also the one garment that is most likely to get dirty since it’s typically worn for celebratory occasions.
At this point, every guy should have a tuxedo And it should be slim, and it should be classic, and it should be timeless. But you should also think about taking that tuxedo jacket and not only breaking it away from the rest of the tuxedo and wearing it with a pair of jeans or a pair of dark pants, but also about wearing it on a date, or to a club, or out to dinner.Experiment with different ways to dress it down. Keep it simple.
These days a tuxedo jacket is just like your suit jacket—it's so polished, why save it for those very special occasions that only happen a couple of times a year? The contrast of that really razor-sharp jacket with a casual pair of jeans gives you a strong shot of personal style.