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Ready To Wear

Ready to wear clothes are indeed very fascinating as well as a cost-effective option as far as the clothing is concerned.

Poplularly known by the name of factory made-clothes, they are first crafted to perfection and then are sold out in the shops or boutiques as a completely finished product.

The buyer generally has no idea about how a ready to wear is created and sewn, they just come out to the retailer, asks them for it as per their choice, selects one out of many varients and then finally buys it. The best part is that all this process just takes few minutes to complete.

As the name suggests, Ready to wear clothes are designed prior to any deal with the customer & comes in standardized sizes like small (S), medium-sized (M), large (L) or extra-large (XL) and even more.

The manufactures considers the average human built for every wearable size that is possible.

However the disadvantage lies in the fact that every Ready to wear cloth cannot give you the perfect fit as compared to the custom made clothes, reason being the custom made clothes are crafted according to the size and built of every single customer who wants it while ready to wear ones does not encompass this kind of flexibility as they are always drafted according to the average human body and in bulk.

But nevertheless they can be the best option that can save you a lot of time & money while shopping.

At Ravens International we craft custom made clothes with the perfectly fine finish so that you can enjoy your wearables better and that too in a price of the ready made ones.

Also we provide an altering service for your ready made clothes if you ever lose your fit into them.
So why should you go for the ready made ones when you can have your very own custom-fitted clothes by one of the finest tailors in Hong Kong since 1988.