Women Formal Wear

Gone are the days when women used to sit at their home while only the earning member of the house was a male, Time flies like anything and today one can see women working actively in all the fields and areas and earning a head to head reputation with male members in the society.

Even the corporate sector today, is no longer facing any male dominance as you can see a good ratio of women working on a higher position which is well above their male counterparts.

Tailored formal clothing is none other exception to this, the discerning corporate women of today who understands all the tactics of success must realize by now, the importance of fashion and style in their formal wear.

At Ravens International, we offer an exquisitive range of fabrics and classic range of designs to help a corporate women look more appealing and impressive.

With a fit so perfect, fabric so fine and a design so appealing, we craft every formal wear and other tailored item to give you a confident and a mesmerizing feel and look that you can cherish for long.

We take a number of measurements with high precision and a photograph of yours so that our master tailors can deliver a product that will give you an exceptional fit. every cloth is cut and hand sewn by our experienced tailors.

We offer any and every kind of formal wear for women including business suits, women’s dress shirts, skirts, pant suits, skirt suits, women’s trouser, coats, jackets and much more.

Feel free to contact us regarding any query or to book an appointment of any convienent date of your choice.We assure you of the best quality at the best price.

Customer satisfaction we trust & follow, Quality we deliver.